Man jailed for conning $150,000 off his father

He pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to obtaining financial advantage and property by deception and on Tuesday was sentenced to four years in jail.

County Court judge Frank Gucciardo described Baird’s actions as reprehensible, saying they “defied decency”.

“This behaviour breaches fundamental principles of trust and familial care, respect and responsibility in order to deceive for your own benefit and greed,” the judge said in his sentencing remarks.

Baird’s father had to work part-time and rely on financial support from his partner, which led to undue stress, Gucciardo said.

The judge accepted Baird had shown some remorse, noting he had no drug, alcohol or gambling addictions and instead used the money to pay rent and support his children.

But Gucciardo said his prospects of rehabilitation were guarded, and the serious conduct needed to be punished.

Baird will be eligible for parole after three years and three months in custody.


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