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Abbey Holmes spoke to Rory Sloane on Seven.

Rory Sloane, how about that. You must be super proud of this group and the way that they were able to get that done tonight.

“Yeah, especially Thursday night, in front of a huge crowd, yeah, we prepped well for it I think. Five-day break and it’s just nice to get some momentum roll, found a groove.”

You dominated in the air. There is not too many flaws in that performance.

“Started hot but they have been in unbelievable form. It was a huge challenge for us. We wanted to keep our form rolling.”

The Crows were clinical tonight over the Blues.

The Crows were clinical tonight over the Blues.Credit: Getty Images

You handed over the baton to Jordan Dawson this season. He’s now captain of this footy club. Gee he’s impressive.

“He’s unbelievable. He is footy smarts game day. You probably don’t see it but his ability to control the game and see it, it is, yeah, that is next level. It’s nice we have got a few leaders, three captains, Tex, myself, Dawson, so we’re just trying to help lead this young group.”

How about you, you missed a lot of footy with your ACL last year but you must be loving running around with this group.

“It is incredible. I watched way too much footy last year, I’m enjoying it. It is so nice to be back out. I take a few moments to look around, look at this crowd, it is pretty special.”

Gather Round in your home state, it is pretty special.

“I might get up to the hills. I love hills footy. Mount Barker will be an unbelievable crowd. That will be the pick of the bunch for me.”

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